About Automation

ExcelSense will automate your Business Process using Excel VBA Macros; We will convert your Data into useful Excel format, for Manipulation or Analysis. Or We will create Excel Macro to do a major task, that can be used by multiple employees.

  • Automate Report Generation

  • Automate Chart creation

  • Creating Dashboards

  • Communicating with MS Access

  • Analyzing Business Data

  • Reconciling Data

  • We automate your Excel worksheets and make them more user-friendly

    • We can do this with your existing spreadsheets

    • Or, we can build new worksheets, customized to meet your needs

  • Using VBA (visual basic for applications) computer programming code, we will:

  • Customize your Excel spreadsheets

  • Add buttons, drop-down selection boxes and other controls to automate your routine tasks

  • Set up your Excel spreadsheets to automatically import and process data

  • Make your routine tasks run automatically with just a few mouse clicks