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MS EXCEL VBA MACRO Training - Excel 2016 Latest Version

Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) & Macro Traning

      Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA, Macros) when used with Microsoft Excel can build powerful automated business tools quickly and minimum cost. If you sit in front of a computer screen all day creating reports in Microsoft Excel, you know the power of this VBA software package. But if you aren't using macros yet, you don't know the half of it. Macros automate common and repetitive keystrokes that you use in Excel to create and edit spreadsheets. By reducing the number of keystrokes required to perform common commands, macros speed up your production and reduce the time you have to spend staring at an electronic spreadsheet each day. We provide the best VBA Macros training in Nungambakkam, Chennai. We also provide Corporate Training in VBA. It is a general purpose programming language, that comes along as standard with the Excel or Office can be used to perform various business tasks like-

Prerequisites for attending the VBA Training programme:

  1. Good Knowledge of all features of Excel such as Filters, Pivot Tables, Text to Columns etc.
  2. Good knowledge of Fundamental and Formulae and Functions in Excel
  3. Must have worked on applications using Excel for atleast 1 year
  4. Good Analytical Skill and Numerical ability is an advantage
  5. Should take up Excel Test
Training Details

VBA Overview & VBA Basic

  • What is VBA?
  • Quick Review of Macros
  • Introducing the Visual Basic Editor
  • Using the Visual Basic Editor
  • Uses of Record Macro
  • Understanding and creating Modules
  • How to create a Message Box
  • Write program to update  and retrieve information using Input Box
  • Conditions (IF, AND, OR etc.)
  • Understanding and using Select Case statement
  • How do I define a Variables and Rules for defining a Variable Name and Type
  • Creating And Using Variables
  • Working with For …. Next procedure
  • Working with Do While …. Loop procedure
  • Calling Procedures from one procedure to another
  • How to Save and Protect Modules

Workbook Objects

  • Create or Add Single and Multiple Workbooks
  • Workbooks Save and Save As with Password
  • Open Single and Multiple Workbooks
  • Close Specific and Multiple Workbooks
  • Get Count of Workbooks
  • To refer a particular Workbooks
  • Activate from one Workbook to another Workbook
  • Open Workbooks from Specific Path
  • Get Workbooks Name and Path
  • Hide and Unhide for Single and Multiple Workbooks
  • Calculate entire Workbook
  • Protect and Unprotect Worksheets

Worksheet Objects

  • Insert a Single and Multiple Worksheets
  • Delete Specific and Multiple Worksheets
  • Get Count of Worksheets
  • Select a Specific and All Worksheets
  • Get All Worksheets Name
  • Hide and Unhide for Single and Multiple Worksheets
  • Rename for Single and Multiple Worksheets
  • Protect and Unprotect Worksheets
  • Sort and Move Worksheets
  • Calculate entire Worksheet

Cell Objects

  • Insert single and multiple Row, Column and Cells
  • Delete single and multiple Row, Column and Cells
  • Get Range or Address of Cell and Selection
  • Navigate from one Cell to another Cell
  • Select specific Range, Cell, Rows and Column
  • Types of Selection and Offset method
  • All the Options in Paste Special
  • All the Options in Go To
  • How to update the Formulas
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Options

Excel Options

  • Create New Pivot, Refersh and Other Pivot Opotions
  • All the Filter and Advance Filter Options
  • Data Sort Options
  • All Text to Columns Options
  • All Data Formatting Options
  • Fill, Clear, Find and Replace Options
  • Preparation of Chart and Dashboard

VBA Function

  • What is Function?
  • User Defined Function
  • Create a Function using IF Condition and Select Case
  • Create an Advanced IF Conditional Fuctions
  • Create an Advanced Computation and Conditional Function 

Form Controls and User Forms

  • Create and Design an UserForm
  • How to Link the VBA Macro to UserForm
  • Overview of Form Controls
  • Create a Form Information Tables and Database

Files Automations through VBA

  • Files Automations real time scenarios
  • VBA Sample Project Report preparation

Outlook / Questions and Clarifications

  • Retrive the Information through Excel from Outlook using VBA
  • Write query to Retrive Mail From, To and CC address from Outlook
  • Write query to Retrive Mail Subject and Time from Outlook
  • Write query to retrive Mail Attachment from Outlook